Inquirer’s Class

If you are new to our church or have questions about the Faith, we invite you to participate in our Inquirers’ Class. The Inquirers’ Class is the best way to find out more about our faith and tradition. We discuss what we believe and why we believe it, and what we do and why we do it.

The class covers eight topics of material over the course of ten weeks. Notes for each chapter are distributed and read by the participants ahead of time. Then the class meets for discussion with the aim of focusing on the particular questions those participating in each class have.

Click the links below to download the notes for each lesson.

  1. The Creeds of the Church
  2. The Moral Law and the Gospel
  3. The Sacraments
  4. The Church and its Symbols
  5. The Liturgy of Holy Communion
  6. The Church Calendar
  7. The Life of Prayer
  8. Duties of the Christian Life

*Spiritual Gifts Inventory

Or, download the entire PDF in one file.

After completing the above curriculum, we offer additional resources for those hoping to further their understanding of our tradition. We call these resources “Inquirer’s Class 201.” Learn more here.

Sign up for the Inquirers’ Class

New Inquirers’ Classes begin periodically throughout the year. Provide us with some basic information and you’ll receive email notifications about the Inquirers’ class schedule and course materials.