Epiphanies (in Progress) with Jonathan Puls

Jonathan Puls is a draftsman, painter, and art historian. His work, representation paintings and drawings are based on the people and places that he knows well, he has been featured in a wide range of exhibitions. Puls serves as Associate Professor of Art at Biola University, and lives in Whittier with his wife and two daughters.

Taking up the theme of Epiphany as an unfolding, developmental process rather than an instantaneous revelation, he offers a meditation on two significant modern artists, Henry Ossawa Tanner and Jay DeFeo, who each arrived at unexpected destinations in life and art. Puls will also offer a reflection on his own life as a persistent viewer of works of art, and the revelations available to each of us through works of art if we have the commitment to search for them.


Click here for the PDF of the lecture’s PowerPoint Presentation


Part One

Part Two

Part Three